Urinary Incontinence Treatment In Lahore – Urge Incontinence Treatment

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Urinary Incontinence Treatment In Lahore – Urge Incontinence Treatment

Urinary incontinence is the involuntary outflow of urine. In simple terms, it means a person urinates when they don’t feel the urge. Control over the urinary sphincter muscles is either lost or weakened. Urinary incontinence is a much more frequent problem than most people realize. According to the American Urological Association, 1/3 of men and women in the United States experience urinary incontinence. Urine incontinence is more common among females than males. An estimated 30% of women aged 30-60 are thought to suffer from it, compared to 1.5-5% of men. Our international Chinese urology hospital is providing services of male urologist and female urologist in Lahore

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Symptoms Of Urinary Incontinence

This is the most common kind of urinary problems, particularly among females who have given birth or gone through the menopause. In this case, stress regarded as physical pressure, rather than mental stress. When the bladder and muscles involved in urinary control are placed under sudden pressure, the person may urinate involuntarily. The following actions may trigger stress incontinence:

  • Sneezing
  • Heavy lifting
  • Exercise
  • A sudden cough
  • Laughing

There are many types of urinary incontinence. Some important types described below.

Urge Incontinence

Also known as reflex incontinence and overactive bladder, this is the second most general type of urine incontinence. There is a sudden and involuntary contraction of the bladder muscles that causes an urge to urinate that cannot be stopped. When a person needs to urinate, the person has a very short time before the urine is released, regardless of what they try to do. The urge to urinate may be caused by:

  • The sound of running water (for some people)
  • A sudden change in position
  • Sex (especially during orgasm)
  • Bladder muscles can activate involuntarily because of injury to the nerves of the bladder, the nervous system.

Overflow Incontinence

This is more common in men with prostate gland problems, an injured bladder, or a blocked urethra. An increased prostate gland can obstruct the bladder. Often, patients will need to urinate regularly, and they may experience dribbling or a constant wetting of urine from the urethra.

Mixed incontinence

This is where a patient experiences both urge and stress incontinence at the same time. Common causes of mixed incontinence include:

  • Dementia
  • Poor mobility
  • Low eyesight
  • Poor dexterity
  • Confusion
  • Depression, anxiety, or anger (unwilling to go to the toilet)

Urinary Incontinence Treatment In Lahore

Urinary incontinence treatment will depend on several factors, such as the type of incontinence, general health, their mental state, and the patient’s age. There are certain antibiotics are used as treatment. Our hospital provides the best treatment of urinary incontinence with the help of Chinese herbal medicine. For more information and appointment kindly live chat with us Live Chat With Doctor or call us on this number 03064112299


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