Increase Sperm Count In Lahore – How To Increase Low Sperm Count

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Increase Sperm Count In Lahore – How To Increase Low Sperm Count

When couples try to conceive a baby, the most important thing is sperm count. If you have more sperm count your chances of conceiving are more. Here are the tips that can help to increase sperm count. We are also providing best andrologist in Lahore who has more than 30 years of experience in increasing sperm count.

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Weight Loss To Increase Sperm Count

Weight loss is the most important step to increase sperm count if you are over weight. Losing weight can lead to healthy sperm production as well as it can increase the concentration of semen, volume of semen and mobility of semen. Loss the weight smartly do not disturb your diet. You can visit our Chinese hospital in Lahore for weight loss treatment.

Exercise To Increase Sperm Count

Staying active in daily life and a healthy lifestyle help can increase your sperm count. Running, weightlifting and other exercises can help increase sperm count. Exercise can also help in losing weight.

Vitamins To Increase Sperm Count

Taking vitamins regularly is a very important step to increase your sperm count. Most important vitamins for increasing healthy sperms are vitamin D, vitamin C, vitamin E, and CoQ10. Take these vitamins in the form of form or tablets to increase sperm count.

Avoiding Substance Abuse To Increase Sperm Count

Avoiding alcoholic fluids and any kind of smoking can help in increasing sperm count. Avoid using drugs to increase your sperm count. Avoiding this kind of substances can help you in increasing healthy sperms.

Improve Environment To Increase Your Sperm Count

Stay in a healthy environment can help in increasing sperms. Staying away from heavy metals, solvents, pesticides, paint strippers, degreasers, non-water based glues or paints, and other endocrine disruptors can increase the counts of healthy sperms.

Avoid Biking To Increase Your Sperm Count

Biking can lower your sperm count. A person who rides bike and bicycle for more than 10 hours a week will suffer from low sperm count. Avoid biking as much as you can to increase your healthy sperms.

Wear Loose Cotton Boxers To Increase Your Sperm Count

Keeping your testicles in low temperature can create a healthy environment for sperms. Wear loose cotton boxers or something that can allow air flow. Sperms can not stay alive in high temperature.

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