Azoospermia Treatment In Lahore – Increase Low Sperm Count

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Azoospermia Treatment In Lahore – Best Andrologist To Increase Low Sperm Count

Azoospermia (no sperm count) is a male fertility condition in which men are unable to produce any sperm or sperms cant reach to semen due to any obstruction. Many men face the issue of uncountable or no sperm count. It is impossible to have a baby with azoospermia because in this condition men shoot blank semen without any sperm in it to fertilize an egg. A study shows that almost 30 percent of cases of male infertility are caused by azoospermia. We have the best urologist in Lahore who specializes in azoospermia treatment in Lahore.

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Types Of Azoospermia And Azoospermia Treatment In Lahore

  • Obstructive Azoospermia Treatment – Blockage Of Sperm

    In this condition, patients are able to produce sperms but there are obstructions or blockage in their reproductive tract that unable sperms to reach the semen for ejaculation. Our andrologist in Lahore has 30-year experience of obstructive azoospermia treatment with the help of medicines and latest technology.


  • Non Obstructive Azoospermia Treatment in Lahore – No sperm Production

    Non-obstructive azoospermia is a condition when men are not able to produce any sperm this condition is also known as no sperm count or zero sperm count etc. There could be much cause of zero sperm production. We provide treatment for zero sperm count in Lahore depending on the cause of no sperm production with the help of Chinese traditional herbals or latest technologies.

  • Posttesticular Azoospermia Treatment In Lahore

Posttesticular azoospermia is that condition when men can produce sperms but there is a blockage in genital tract due to congenital absence of the vas deferens or due to idiopathic epididymal obstruction. Our urologists in Lahore are skilled for azoospermia treatment.


  • Pretesticular Azoospermia Treatment – Low Sperms Production

    Condition when men are not able to produce countable sperms (low sperms production) in the semen because of hypothalamic abnormality or pituitary abnormality. Low or abnormal testosterone level or LH and FSH levels are common causes of pre testicular azoospermia. Our andrologist who has 30 years of experience is fully skilled for this kind of azoospermia treatment in Lahore.

  • Testicular Azoospermia Treatment – No Or Low Sperms Due To Testes

    This condition disturbs the sperms and can cause low sperms or absence of sperms due to absent, abnormal or atrophic testicles. Atrophic testicles are defined as the small size of testicles. Testicular azoospermia treatment in Lahore is available at andrology department of Zaib Hospital.


More Conditions That Can Cause Azoospermia:

    • Primary testicular failure can cause azoospermia
    • Klinefelter syndrome can cause azoospermia
    • Y chromosome microdeletions can cause azoospermia
    • Abnormal chromosomes can cause azoospermia
    • Genetic infertility can cause azoospermia
    • Kallman syndrome can cause azoospermia
    • Gonadotropin deficiency can cause azoospermia
    • The pituitary tumor can cause azoospermia
    • Hyperprolactinemia can cause azoospermia
    • Chemotherapy, radiation therapy or surgery or cancer can cause azoospermia
    • Effect of varicocele can cause azoospermia
    • Use of anabolic steroids or alcohol can cause azoospermia
    • Supplements for testosterone can cause azoospermia
    • Cancer, kidney or liver failure can cause azoospermia
    • Diabetes can cause azoospermia
    • Autoimmunity of sperms can cause azoospermia
  • Using hot tubs and baths too much can cause azoospermia
  • Epididymitis can cause azoospermia

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