Phimosis Treatment In Lahore – How To Treat Tight Foreskin Of Penis

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Phimosis Treatment In Lahore – How To Treat Tight Foreskin Of Penis

Phimosis Treatment Treatment : Phimosis is a condition in which the foreskin cannot be retracted from around the tip of the penis. A tight foreskin is very common in baby boys who are not circumcised, but in some cases, it usually stops being a problem over the age. Phimosis can occur certainly or be the result of scarring. Young baby boys may not need phimosis treatment unless it makes urinating difficult or may cause other sign and symptoms. As these boys grow up, the need for treatment may increase. Our hospital is providing the services of most renowned Chinese urologist in Lahore for phimosis treatment. We highly suggest visiting our urology specialist for penis disorders and penis malformations.

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Symptoms of Phimosis

The main symptom of phimosis is the incompetence to retract the foreskin by the age of 3. The foreskin typically loosens over time, but this process can take longer in some boys. By around the age of 17, a boy should be able to simply retract his foreskin of the penis. Another common symptom of phimosis is an inflammation of the penis foreskin while urinating.


Causes Of Phimosis

Phimosis can occur spontaneously. It is unclear that it occurs in some boys, but not others. The condition can also occur if the foreskin is involuntarily retracted before it is ready. This can harm the skin and cause scarring, make it more difficult to retract the foreskin later on. Inflammation of the foreskin or the head of the penis may cause phimosis in boys or males. Balanitis is same as phimosis and causes an inflammation of the glans. One of the infections which can lead to balanitis is named as lichen sclerosus. It is a skin condition that may be triggered by an unbalanced immune response or a hormone imbalance. Symptoms can include white patches or spots on the foreskin. The skin may become itchy and easily torn.


Treatable Phimosis – Phimosis Treatment

Some phimosis cases can go untreated, particularly among young boys. You can delay seeing if the disease recovers on its own as your son gets older if there are no complications or symptoms. If phimosis interferes with healthy urination or erections, or if there are other symptoms, your son should need phimosis treatment. Recurrent infections of the foreskin or glans should also be evaluated by a doctor. Symptoms of an infection may include:

Phimosis Treatment In Lahore

A physical examination and a review of your boy’s symptoms are usually enough to identify phimosis or an underlying condition. Phimosis treatment or another type of infection usually starts with a swab of the foreskin to be considered for research in a lab. A bacterial infection will need antibiotics, while a fungal infection may require antifungal gels. In more severe cases, circumcision or a similar surgical process may be necessary. Circumcision is the removal of foreskin. Surgical removal of part of the foreskin is possible. While circumcision is usually done at initial stages, the surgery can be performed on a male of any age. Circumcision may also be required if your son experiences recurrent urinary tract infections, balanitis or other infections.

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