Peyronies Disease Treatment In Lahore – Peyronies Symptoms And Causes

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Peyronies Disease Treatment In Lahore – Peyronies Symptoms And Causes

Peyronies disease is a penis problem caused by scar tissue, known as plaque, which forms inside the penis. It can make the penis to bend upward or to the other side. Most males with Peyronies disease can still have sex. But for some, it is painful or difficult. There is Peyronie’s disease treatment, but it is not always needed because the condition can disappear on its own. We have the senior urologist in Lahore for Peyronies disease treatment at Zaib Hospital Lahore

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Causes Of Peyronies Disease

Doctors don’t know precisely why Peyronie’s disease occurs. Many investigators believe the plaque can start after trauma (bending or hitting) that causes bleeding inside the penis. You might not notice the trauma or injury. Many cases, which develop over time, may be associated with the genes. In some males, injury and genes could both be involved. Some medicines list Peyronie’s disease as a possible side effect. But there is no proof that these drugs cause the Peyronie’s disease. Though, it mostly happens in middle-aged males, older and younger men can get it. It becomes very common as a man gets older. But it is not a normal part of aging.


Symptoms may develop appear overnight or slowly. When the penis is soft, you cannot observe a problem. But in many cases, the hardened plaque hampers flexibility, causing forcing the penis to bend and pain or arc when erect. In most cases, the pain stops over time, but the bend in the penis can remain a difficulty. Sometimes milder forms of this disease will disappear by themselves without causing pain or permanent bending. Some males with this condition develop scar tissue elsewhere in the body, such as on the foot or hand. Males with Dupuytren’s contractures known as scarring in the hand that affects fingers would seem to be more likely to get Peyronies disease.


For the proper diagnosis of the disease, tell your doctor about an injury or damage, that happened before the signs and symptoms started. You will get an examination by your doctor of the hardened tissue caused by this disease during the analysis. It is not always necessary, but if the penis has to be erected for the examination, the specialist would inject a medicine to make that happen. There is a chance you may need to get an ultrasound or X-ray of the penis.

It is rare, but in several cases where the doctor’s examination does not confirm Peyronie’s disease, or if the condition develops quickly, your specialist may do a biopsy. That involves removing a little bit of tissue from the affected part of the lab tests.

Peyronies Disease Treatment In Lahore

You should think about Peyronie’s disease treatment at initial stages. Since the condition never recovers without treatment. Most cases of the condition infrequently need Peyronies treatment. Also, the pain that comes from Peyronie’s disease occurs with an erection become worst with time. If it is causing a problem with your sex life, Peyronies disease treatment may be necessary.

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