Buried Penis Treatment In Lahore – Hidden Penis Symptoms, Causes And Treatment

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Buried Penis Treatment In Lahore – Hidden Penis Symptoms, Causes, And Treatment

Puried Penis Treatment : The buried penis also is known as a hidden penis is widely regarded as a condition which is hard to manage both in children and in adults. First, a buried penis was described by Keyes in 1919 as the absence of the penis exists when the penis, lacking its proper sheath of skin, lies buried beneath the thigh or scrotum and integument of the abdomen. The buried penis has most frequently been discussed in association with the pediatric population, with iatrogenic etiologies and congenital iatrogenic identified. Buried penis in adults may have a congenital component in some cases but is largely referred as being an acquired condition as a consequence of obesity, lymphoedema, penile trauma, and persistent infection, usually in the presence of diabetes. We have the senior urologist in Lahore for penis treatment at Zaib Hospital.

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A buried penis is when the shaft of the penis is completely or partly hidden by the bulk of the body. In other terms, it looks as though the penis has retracted back into the fat. It can affect infants congenitally and adults, but in adults, it is typically caused later in life and is down to another condition. We highly suggest visiting our urologist for penis treatment. In children, the presentation is often driven by parental concerns over urinary signs and penile size. Adult patients present with signs which have a profound impact on their lives.

Patients can complain of being unable to pass urine, while standing and occasionally sitting without soiling themselves, of having recurrent urinary and penile infections, which are antisocial and uncomfortable, or being unable to achieve penis erection without pain, or to achieve successful vaginal penetration with the consequences of damaged lowered self-esteem and relationships. Buried and hidden penis treatment and recognition of these symptoms in both children and adults are thus essential to reconstruct more normal appearance and function.



The complex interaction of significant psychological and physical symptoms of patients with a buried penis means that buried penis treatment must be tailored to the individual. Certainly, within the literature, no single operative technique has been described to meet all patients’ requirements. We present our experience of buried penis treatment in children and adults, using a single surgical practice which incorporates an understanding of the etiology of the buried penis in the two populations, unifying management, and rationalize our practice into a modified treatment algorithm.


Buried Penis Treatment In Lahore

Buried or hidden penis treatment should aim to restore an aesthetic and functional penis. The wide variety of approaches to correcting this problem reflects the different perceptions of etiology. In our experience, release from distal to proximal enables safe and clear visualization of the dissection plane and of the neurovascular structures, chordee, and adhesions. We highly suggest visiting our hospital in Lahore for this treatment. >>>LIVE CHAT>>> with us for more information and APPOINTMENT or call us @ 03064112299


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