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Penis Treatment in Lahore – Small Penis Enlargement And Penis Diseases Treatment

Andrology department of Zaib hospital in Lahore knows that every men is extremely concerned about his penis size,penis performance and penis health so Zaib hospital in Lahore is providing top renowned Andrologists in Lahore for penis treatment. A man must have a healthy penis for his sexual life and for maintaining balance of fluid inside his body. Some penile disorders indicate the problem of some other part of your body so you should visit Andrology Department of Zaib hospitals in Lahore as soon as you realize the problem for example ED (Erectile Dysfunction) is mostly caused due to less blood flow to the penis etc.

Our Andrology Department Provide Penis Treatment in Lahore For.

Some of many conditions that effect penis health and their Penis treatment are:

ED (Erectile dysfunction Disease)

Patients who are suffering from erectile dysfunction feel difficulty is getting erection (hard penis) or maintaining that erection. There could be many physical or psychological causes of erectile dysfunction. Our andrology specialists in Lahore treat them with traditional Chinese herbal medicine and also capable to perform surgery with latest technologies if needed.

Small Penis Size (Penis Enlargement in Lahore)

Every men is concerned with his penis size, In this case men have small penis and feel difficulty in satisfying his partner or in performing sexual activities. Our andrologist in Lahore provides best penis enlargement in Lahore.

Priapism Disease Of Penis

In this condition penis of patient stay erect (hard) for more than four hours, patients are supposed to visit doctor as soon as possible because permanent erectile dysfunction or lasting penis disorder can occur if patient delay to get his penis treated.

Phimosis Disease Of Penis

In this condition the extra skin on penis head becomes too tight and patient cant move that foreskin and cant see the head of penis, Surgery could be a good option for this penis disorder.

Paraphimosis Disease Of Penis

In this condition the extra foreskin on penis head moves out of the way and cant move back. This foreskin stucks and lower down the blood flow in penis so patients are supposed to visit the doctor as soon as possible to prevent permanent penile disorder.

Peyronie’s disease Of Penis

In this condition some hard lumps are formed inside inner lining of the side of the penis due to which penis bends toward a side when it gets erected. This penis disorder can be treated with medicine but in rare cases it need surgery.

Penis Skin Diseases (rashes on penis or itching and scaly skin of penis)

Penis sclerosis or penis balanitis are some chronic penis skin diseases and they damage penis from its end. Infection is one of the major cause of this penis skin disease, Allergy can also cause this penis disorder and in some cases poor cleaning habits become the reason of skin problem of penis but you can prevent it by thoroughly cleaning your penis. Our andrologist in Lahore provide best Chinese herbal medicine for fast results without any other side effect.

Penis fracture Or Penis Trauma

There are no bones in penis, lining of the penis is affected when fracture occurs. Patient can hear a popping noise some times, penis turns flat and black or blue when it happens. Patient should rush to hospital as soon as possible to get it treated otherwise many complexities or permanent damage can happen with his penis.

Sexually Transmitted Infections And Diseases

These penis infections are passed through sex from person to person, Germs that can service in warn and moist place passes from one person to the other during sex and are the main cause of these penile infections .Most of the sexually transmitted diseases are cure able but some last for life time patient can get medicine for some relief. Some of these infections can lead the patient to dead if not treated soon.

Some of these penis infections are:
  • Gonorrhea

  • Syphilis

  • Genital herpes

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