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Orchitis Treatment In Lahore – Pain In Testicles Treatment By Andrologist In Lahore

Orchitis is commonly caused by bacteria or mumps virus, in this condition patients feel pain and sensation of burning (inflammation) in one or both testicles. Mostly symptoms are developed in one testicle. Pain in groin and inflammation in testicles is the first symptom of orchitis. The patient should rush to our hospital in Lahore for orchitis treatment sooner as it can cause infertility and other complication with delay.

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Orchitis Risks And Symptoms Of Orchitis

  • Orchitis can cause scrotum tenderness

  • Orchitis can cause urination pain

  • Orchitis can cause pain while ejaculation

  • Orchitis can cause scrotum swelling

  • Orchitis can cause the discharge of blood along with sperms

  • Orchitis can cause prostate enlargement

  • Orchitis can cause swelling in lymph nodes of the groin

  • Orchitis can cause fever

A study shows that almost 33% of men who got mumps virus in childhood or teenage will suffer from orchitis in the future. The swelling of a salivary gland is caused by mumps. Infections due to attack of bacteria can also lead to orchitis. Epididymitis can also cause orchitis. Epididymitis is an infection of the urinary tract or sexually transmitted infection which can cause a sensation of inflammation in epididymis inside testicles.

Orchitis Causes And Orchitis Treatment

  • Sex without using a condom can cause Orchitis

  • Sexually transmitted infections such as gonorrhea can cause Orchitis

  • Abnormalities in urinary tract structure can cause Orchitis

  • Bladder or urethra diseases can cause Orchitis

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