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Epididymitis Treatment

Epididymitis Diseases – Epididymitis Treatment In Lahore In Zaib Hospital In Lahore

In this condition patient feel pain or inflammation in a tube which is located on back side of the testicles, that tube carries and stores the sperm in it and called as epididymis. Mostly gonorrhea or chlamydia are causes of epididymis in adults. Injury or infection in urinary tract are common causes of epididymis in children. Patient should visit our doctors in Lahore as soon as possible for epididymitis treatment other wise it can cause infertility or it can kill tissues of testicles. Pain, inflammation or swelling of testicles could be cause due to swelling of this tube and patient is supposed to rush for epididymitis treatment soon. Mostly it is common in men of ages between 14 to 35 but it can affect others too. Bacterial infections and sexually transmitted diseases (STD) can cause epididymitis in men of all ages.

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Types of Epididymitis And Epididymitis Treatment

  • Chronic Epididymitis

Chronic Epididymitis is a condition that can last for six weeks or more than 6 weeks. It can cause extreme pain of feeling of discomfort in epididymis, testicles or scrotum. Mostly it is caused by reaction of granulomatous and can cause calcifications or cysts.

  • Acute Epididymitis

Acute Epididymitis is a condition that can last for six weeks or less than 6 weeks. Acute Epididymitis can cause sever inflammation in testicles, epididymis or both. Chlamydia and gonorrhea are common causes of acute epiditymitis.

Epididymitis Treatment And Symptoms ?

It can cause chills or fever
It can cause pain in the pelvic
It can cause testicular pressure
It can cause testicular pain
It can cause pain during sex and while ejaculation
It can cause painful urination
It can cause need to urinate urgently or frequently
It can cause abnormal discharge from penis
It can cause blood along with sperms

Epididymitis Treatment And Risks ?

Sexually transmitted infection such as gonorrhea and chlamydia are most common causes of epididymitis diseases but non sexual infections can also cause epididymitis such as urinary tract infection or prostate enlargement and defects. Men who had urinary tract surgery recently are also at risk. Men who are uncircumcised or have tuberculosis have more risk of getting epididymitis. Some medicines can also cause epididymitis such as heart medicine called amiodarone can cause epididymitis in men.

Causes Of Pediatric Epididymitis – Epididymitis In Children

  • Direct trauma

  • Urinary tract infections

  • Reflux of urine

  • Twisting of the epididymis