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Cystitis Treatment In Lahore – Bladder Inflammation Treatment In Lahore

In this condition bladder become irritated and swollen and patients feel inflammation in bladder. Mostly cystitis occur when bacteria enter bladder and cause urinary track infection or due to imbalance of naturally occurring bacteria in body. These bacteria cause infections which lead to inflammation. In some cases some hygiene products and medications can also lead to inflammation. Some times cystitis is acute, or occur suddenly. Interstitial cystitis cases are chronic and long lasting. Patients are suggested to visit our andrologists in Lahore for cystitis treatment. Frequent urgency for urination or feeling to urinate with empty bladder is caused due to cystitis. Sever smell or blood in urine and pain while having sex is also symptom of cystitis. Feeling bladder fullness or pressure on bladder and cramping abdomen can also be caused. In some cases bladder infections can spreads to kidneys and cause serious health issues and develop symptoms such as nausea, vomiting, back or side pain, chills and blood in urine. We suggest to visit immediately our andrologist in lahore for cystitis treatment.

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Causes Of Cystitis and Cystitis treatment

  • Infection in urinary tract (UTI) can cause cystitis

  • Certain drugs can cause cystitis

  •  Radiation exposure can cause cystitis

  • Catheter can cause cystitis

  • Certain hygiene products can cause cystitis

Types Of Cystitis And Cystitis treatment

  • Acute cystitis

Acute cystitis is a condition that occurs suddenly. It has several causes and symptoms.

  • Interstitial cystitis

Interstitial cystitis is a condition that is chronic and long lasting and can affects more than one layers of tissues of bladder.

  • Bacterial cystitis

In this condition bacteria cause infection after entering into urethra or bladder or growing bacteria inside body can also cause cystitis when they become imbalanced. it causes pain and inflammation. it is suggested to get treated as soon as possible because if that bacteria enter into kidney it will cause serious health risks.

  • Drug-induced cystitis

In this condition certain medicines such as chemotherapy drugs can cause inflammation and cystitis as they will pass through your urinary tract to exit. Some medicines irritate bladder while exiting from body.

Some other types of cystitis are:

  • Radiation cystitis

  • Foreign body cystitis

  • Chemical cystitis

  • Spermicidal jellies

  • Feminine hygiene sprays

  • Chemicals from a bubble bath

  • Cystitis associated with other conditions

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