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Doctor Zhi Wang - Chinese doctor in Lahore - Best Andrologist in Lahore for sexual health clinic services in lahore

Best Sexologist In Lahore And Urologist In Lahore

Dr Zhi Wang studied at China Medical University. He is our best Urologist in Lahore. He is a senior member of the Chinese Medical Association and also an active member of the Chinese Sexual Association. He has a vast experience of 30+ years in sexology and urology. He specializes in traditional medicines and in using the latest technologies for diagnosis and treatment of men health issues.

Zaib Hospital Lahore is the first Chinese hospital in Lahore which provides renowned Chinese best andrologist in Lahore for locals. Andrology team of Zaib Hospital is specially trained for treating locals.

Dr Zhi Wang has specializes in treating all kind of male health issues such as cystitis treatment, epididymitis treatment, painful inflammation of the epididymis, bacterial orchitis treatment, testicle pain treatment, sexual dysfunction,( mardana kamzori, ehtelam ka ilaj, qatron ka ilaj, jaryan ka ilaj ) sexual malfunction or sexual disorders treatment, priapism treatment, eroticism treatment, impotence treatment, premature ejaculation treatment, spermatorrhea treatment, small penis enlargement, phimosis treatment, penile curvature treatment by best andrologist in Lahore, penile deformity treatment, venereal disease treatment, sexually transmitted diseases, chlamydia treatment, gonorrhea treatment, genital herpes treatment.

We also provide adult circumcision, Human Papillomavirus (HPV), syphilis treatment, bacterial vaginosis treatment, trichomoniasis treatment, viral hepatitis treatment, prostate diseases treatment, nonbacterial prostatitis treatment, gonorrhea complicated, prostatic treatment, prostatic treatment, hyperplasia treatment, chronic bacteria, prostatitis treatment, sperm diseases treatment, azoospermia treatment, oligospermia treatment, necrozospermia treatment, varicocele treatment, male infertility treatment, infections treatment, ejaculation issues treatment, antibodies that attack sperm, undescended testicles treatment etc

Our doctors are specialized for hormone imbalances treatment, defects of tubules, urethritis treatment, inflammation of the urethra treatment,neisseria gonorrhoeae treatment, chlamydia trachomatis treatment, mycoplasma genitalium treatment, urinary tract infection treatment, an infection involving the kidneys, ureters, and bladder, or urethra and other men related issues. Zaib Hospital Lahore has a laboratory which is fully equipped with the latest technologies so patients do not need to go to other labs for tests.

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