Chronic Urinary Tract Infection Treatment In Lahore

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Chronic Urinary Tract Infection Treatment In Lahore – Best Urologist in Lahore

When urinary tract infections do not cure with treatments and they recur again and again after treatment this condition is defined as chronic urinary tract infection. Our urologist in Lahore who has 30 years of experience in urinary tract infection treatment is especially skilled. He specializes in treating chronic UTI with the help of traditional Chinese medicines or the latest technologies. The urinary tract consists of kidney, ureters, bladder, and urethra. Any of these parts can be infected by the bacterial attack.

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Symptoms And Chronic Urinary Tract Infection treatment

  • Chronic UTI can cause frequent need of urination

  • Chronic UTI can cause bloody or dark urine

  • Chronic UTI can cause a burning sensation while urinating

  • Chronic UTI can cause pain in your kidneys

  • Chronic UTI can cause pain in your bladder

  • Chronic UTI can cause nausea

  • Chronic UTI can cause vomiting

  • Chronic UTI can cause chills

  • Chronic UTIcan cause a high fever

  • Chronic UTI can cause fatigue

  • Chronic UTI can cause mental disorientation

Causes And Chronic Urinary Tract Infection treatment

  • Bacterial infection can cause chronic UTIs

  • Bladder infections can cause chronic UTIs

  • Urethral infections can cause chronic UTIs

  • Herpes infections can cause chronic UTIs

  • Gonorrhea infections can cause chronic UTIs

  • Chlamydia infections can cause chronic UTIs

Prevention And Treatment Of Chronic UTIs By Our Best Urologist In Lahore

  • Urinate often

  • Clean after urination

  • Use a lot of water

  • Take cranberry juice on a daily basis

  • Wear clean and loose cotton underwear

  • Avoid coffee, soda, alcohol etc

  • Use lubricants for intercourse

  • Do not use bubble baths

We highly recommend to visit our urology department as soon as possible for chronic urinary tract infection treatment because it becomes worst and complicated if delayed. We have Chinese andrologist and urologist for urinary tract diseases treatment. For more details and appointment live chat with our health experts on live chat here: Live Chat or call us on this number 03064112299