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Urethritis Treatment

Urethritis Treatment In Lahore – Pain During Urination And Blood Or Discharge In Urine

In this condition, patients feel inflammation and irritation in their urethra or in the tube that carries semen or urine to exit from the body. If patients delay urethritis treatment it can cause the flow of blood along with urine and sperms. Mostly it happens when bacteria enter into the urethra from outside of the body or naturally internal growing bacteria can also cause urethritis. In this condition patients need to urinate again and again or they feel the urgency to urinate. Some patients take urethritis as a urinary tract infection because symptoms of both are the same but these both diseases are different and require different treatment methods. Urethritis can pass from one person to another while having sexual intercourse.

Urethritis Treatment In Lahore - Pain During Urination And Blood In Urine, presence of blood in the semen or urine discharge from the penis

Symptoms Of Urethritis And Urethritis Treatment

  • Urethritis can cause pain and inflammation when to urinate

  • Urethritis can cause itching on top of the penis

  • Urethritis can cause blood flow with urine or sperms

  • Urethritis can cause abnormal discharge

  • Urethritis can cause a frequent need to urinate

  • Urethritis can cause Urgent need to urinate

  • Urethritis can cause a feeling of discomfort when urinating

  • Urethritis can cause chlamydia or trichomoniasis infection

Causes Of Urethritis And Urethritis Treatment

The bacterial infection is the most common cause of urethritis but in some cases, the viral infection can also cause urethritis. If a bacteria or virus enter into the body and then enters into the urethra can cause infection but in some cases, bacteria that is naturally present inside the body can also enter into the urethra and cause infection. Neisseria gonorrhoeae, chlamydia trachomatis, and mycoplasma genitalium are some types of bacteria that cause urethritis. Human papillomavirus, herpes simplex virus, and cytomegalovirus are those viruses that can cause urethritis.

Types Of Urethritis And Urethritis Treatment

  • Gonococcal urethritis

In this condition, urethritis is caused by some bacteria which cause sexually transmitted infections such as gonorrhea. Almost 20% of urethritis infections are gonococcal urethritis.

  • Non-Gonococcal Urethritis

This condition is caused by other infections than gonorrhea mostly chlamydia cause nongonococcal urethritis.

Urethritis Treatment

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