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How To Increase Sex Time And Sex Stamina – Stay Long In Bed

Low sex time and sex stamina is a condition when a patient can not satisfy his partner due to less time of sex or due to less stamina of sex. This is one of the common types of sexual dysfunction. We have a Chinese Hospital and Doctors in Lahore for the treatment.

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Causes Of Low Sex Time And Sex Stamina

Men suffer from various kind of sexual health problems and less sex time or sexual stamina is common sexual dysfunction. There are certain causes of low sex time and performance. Less sex time and low sex stamina are very common among men of all ages but men over 30 suffer more. Less sex time and low sex stamina can lead to psychological problems and relationship problems. When you can’t satisfy your partner due to less sex time or low sexual stamina your partner will also suffer.

Our hospital in Lahore is providing worlds top class Chinese andrologist in Lahore who has more than 30 years of experience in sexual health problems. We have the best Sexologist in Lahore who specializes in sexual dysfunctions treatment and he knows how to increase sex time and how to improve sex stamina. Our sexual health clinic cure this sexual health issue with the help of Chinese traditional herbals.

Healthy Food To Increase Sex Time And Sex Stamina

Healthy food plays a key role in increasing sex time. Unhealthy and junk food can lead to low sex time and sex stamina. A patient should take healthy food such as fresh fruits and green vegetables to increase sex time and sex stamina. Fruits such as banana can health to increase sex time.

High Medicines To Increase Sex Time And Sex Stamina

Patients who take high medicines can suffer from low sex time and stamina issues, they can feel tired very soon during sexual intercourse. Men who take medicines to increase sex time sex stamina can make it worst, these type of medicines can cause long-term effects in sexual performance.

Smoking Can Lower Sex Time Too

Yes, smoking and taking drugs can lead to lower sex time and stamina too.


Stress and anxiety can lead to many kinds of sexual dysfunctions.

Why And How To Increase Sex Time And Sex Stamina

  • To increase sex time

  • To improve orgasm

  • For better ejaculation

  • To get rid of stress and tension

  • For absolute satisfaction

  • To increase sexual stamina

How To Increase Sex Time And Sex Stamina

Physiologically Increase Sex Time In Bed

Try to focus on your desire and empty your mind from stress. Do not think about anything else when enjoying sexual intercourse.

Blood Flow And Sex Time

Improving blood flow in the groin area is one of the important and necessary steps if you want to increase sex performance.

Foreplay Before Sex Can Help More

Women always need more time for the organism for foreplay can help her to pleased.

Use Of Lubrication To Increase Sex Time

Lubricating your penis is one of the best ways to boost sex time and sex stamina to last longer in Bed.


Raw oysters, watermelon, banana, and dark chocolate are some foods which can help to improve sexual power and time in men.

Chinese Herbal Medicines For Best Sexual Performance

Our Chinese and Pakistani Doctors are specialized in treating less sex time and sex stamina with the help of medicines. These medicines are known for their fast result and no side effects. We provide worlds top class treatment for all kind of sexual dysfunctions. For doctors appointment you can use this form: Online Doctor Appointment or you can use our live chat support for any kind of information and queries. Live chat with our health experts here: Live Chat or call us on this number 03064112299