Necrozoospermia Treatment In Lahore – Dead Sperms Treatment

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Necrozoospermia Treatment In Lahore – Dead Sperms Treatment

Necrozoospermia Treatment : Necrozoospermia or necrospermia is a condition in which the spermatozoa in the seminal fluid are motionless or dead. When semen has more of dead sperms and less of mature normal sperms, this condition is abnormal. Whenever there is less of normal sperm then chances of pregnancy decreases (i.e. difficulty in conceiving i.e. wife does not become pregnant). This is one of the common causes of male infertility. This is also one of the most common semen abnormalities in males. Our international hospital is working with a famous infertility specialist for necrozoospermia treatment in Lahore.

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Idiopathic GnRH deficiency, Laurence-Moon-Biedl syndrome, postirradiation, Prader-Willi syndrome, Hypothalamic deficiency, Trauma, post-surgical, pituitary hypoplasia, Kallman syndrome, pituitary deficiency, Vascular (carotid aneurysm, pituitary infraction), Tumour (Adenoma, craniopharyngioma, other), Infiltrative (Sarcoidosis, histiocytosis, hemochromatosis) Autoimmune hypophysitis, Drugs (drug-induced hyperprolactinemia, steroids use)

Testicular Disorders

Primary Leydig cell dysfunction i.e. Hypogonadism, Chromosomal Defects in androgen biosynthesis, Orchitis, Myotonia dystrophica, Toxins, Drugs (cytotoxic drugs, ketoconazole, cimetidine, spironolactone) these conditions need necrozoospermia treatment.


varicocele is dilatation of scrotal vein in the scrotum which leads to a rise in temperature of testis and raise testicular temperature, resulting in less sperm production and death of whatever sperms are produced.



Such as spironolactone, cyclophosphamide, estrogen administration, ketoconazole, sulfasalazine


Presence of Antisperm antibody. These Antisperm antibodies bind with sperms & either make them less motile, completely immotile or even dead which is called necrospermia. We suggest to visit us for necrozoospermia treatment.

Undescended Testicle

Undescended testis is a disorder when one or both testicles fail to descend from the abdomen into the lower part of scrotum during fetal development. We treat undescended testicular disorder before necrozoospermia treatment.

Mosaic Klinefelter’s Syndrome

In this disorder of the chromosomes, of the male is abnormal. This causes abnormal development of the testicles, subsequent in low sperm production. Testosterone production may be normal or low.

How To Diagnose Necrozoospermia – Necrozoospermia Treatment

For correct diagnosis of necrozoospermia, doctors need detail history and physical examinations then certain relevant investigations are required. The first step in proper necrozoospermia treatment is the accurate diagnosis of the cause of dead sperms. So andrologist first tries to find out the cause. They take the detailed history, thorough drug history and examination of the testis, testicular veins.


Complete male hormone profile: This profile includes all the male hormone tests that control testicular development, functions including normal sperm Productions. The tests include testosterone, thyroids test, prolactin, F.S.H, L.H & other relevant hormone tests depending on history & examinations. Some of these tests are recommended before necrozoospermia treatment.

  • USG or Doppler study of scrotum & testis
  • Semen fructose
  • Antisperm antibody
  • Immunobead test
  • FNAC Testis
  • Semen culture sensitivity
  • Genetic Studies
  • Sperm Function Tests
  • Human Sperm-Zona Pellucida Penetration test
  • Human Sperm-Zona Pellucida Binding Ratio
  • Egg penetration test
  • Chromosome analysis i.e. Karyotype
  • Combined Pituitary hormone tests are performed when needed
  • Molecular genetic studies done in some special cases
  • Assessment of androgen receptor
  • MRI head if pituitary hormone defect suspected
  • Hemogram test for systemic diseases
  • Sperm Function Tests

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Necrozoospermia Treatment In Lahore

Secondary necrospermia can be treated once the cause of this condition is found. The necrozoospermia treatment should be aimed at treating the cause before correcting the abnormality of testicles. Herbal medicine diuretic and the anti-inflammatory pill could also eliminate all signs of necrozoosermia without reoccurring. For more information and treatment visit our hospital. You can >>>LIVE CHAT>>> with us for more information and APPOINTMENT or just call us @ 03064112299