Azoospermia Treatment In Lahore – Low Sperm Count Treatment In Lahore

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Azoospermia Treatment In Lahore – Low Sperm Count Treatment In Lahore

Azoospermia also referred to no sperm count. This is a male fertility problem which occurs when there is no sperm in male ejaculation. The prevalence of azoospermia in males is 2% of the population. The frequent contribution of environmental factors increases the inability to conceive. Azoospermia means males do not have optimum sperm production in their semen. This condition is diagnosed when partners have difficulty to conceive and they prefer testing and identification from a fertility physician. The semen analysis will perform to check the viable number of sperm in the male ejaculate. Our Chinese andrologist in Lahore has vast experience in azoospermia treatment. We highly suggest visiting our Hospital in Lahore for treatment of azoospermia and low sperm count.

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Virtually, if there is no sperm is found, it is difficult for doctors in azoospermia treatment. This testing can incorporate a semen examination at a fruitfulness research facility, for example, The Fertility Center of California, the accomplice lab of The Male Fertility Specialists. At FCC, with a system called fast centrifugation, a couple of sperm can frequently be discovered that may have been missed by testing in a portion of the bigger, less-specific labs or by at home sperm check tests.

Causes of Azoospermia – Azoospermia Treatment In Lahore

Azoospermia can be caused due to different conditions such as Injury to the genitalia, An infection within the male reproductive system, A blockage in the genitalia also regarded as obstructive azoospermia, Effects of male reproductive system surgery – including effects from chemotherapy azoospermia treatments and radiation.

Genetic Causes – Azoospermia Treatment In Lahore

Other potential causes include Varicocele, undescended testes, medications such as antibiotics and steroids, illegal drug use and excessive alcohol consumption.

Symptoms Of Azoospermia – Azoospermia Treatment In Lahore

A semen examination will be required with a specific end goal to finish a no sperm tally determination. However, there are a couple of indications that are perceived in connection to having strange semen. Side effects of anomalous semen can incorporate semen that has a surprising shading quality, for example, yellowish, greenish, red or dark colored tinted (blood might be available in the last two), semen that is thicker or more slender inconsistency, the discharge has a solid smell and additionally is of a low volume. Azoospermia treatment is totally reliant on the sort and reason for the condition. In the event that the no sperm check is caused by a blockage then your specialist can endeavor to expel the wellspring of this blockage through a surgical strategy. On the off chance that the issue is more hormonal in nature, at that point your specialist may endorse pharmaceuticals to amend hormonal adjusts or clear up the disease

Azoospermia Treatment

The staff at Male Fertility and Sexual Medicine Specialists is experienced and knowledgeable in the care and treatment of male ripeness issues, including azoospermia. Our part is to test, analyze and give azoospermia treatment alternatives to patients who wish to treat azoospermia and numerous different conditions that add to male barrenness. Our Male Fertility and Sexual Medicine Specialists is prestigious for utilizing top notch therapeutic innovation and best in class systems to satisfy the fantasies of patients who wish to have a family. Contact Male Fertility Specialists for a conference to talk about your worries. You can visit our Appointment Form to book your appointment with our fertility experts or you can live chat with our doctors here: Live Chat or call us on this number 03064112299