Undescended Testicle Treatment In Lahore – Absent Testicle In Males Or Cryptorchidism

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Undescended Testicle Treatment In Lahore – Absent Testicle In Males Or Cryptorchidism

The undescended testicle is a testicular disorder that has not spaced into its proper position in the scrotum before birth. This condition is also known as cryptorchidism, which affects about 10% of the men population. The undescended testicle is a condition that is uncommon, but common in young boys who born prematurely. In a few cases, the undescended testicles move their proper position by its own, in the first month of their lives. If the young baby has cryptochorchidism condition that is not treated in proper time, surgery may be required to relocate the testicular on its original position. Our international Chinese hospital is working with world famous Chinese urologist in Lahore for absent testicle treatment.

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Symptoms Of Undescended Testicle

Not feeling and seeing a testicle, when you are expecting to be its proper place in the scrotum, that is the main sign of this condition. Testicles are formed in the abdominal region during the development of the fetus. During the last few weeks of normal development of the fetus, gradually testicles descend from the abdominal region via the inguinal canal (tube-like passageway in the groin) in the scrotum. Due to the presence of undescended testicles, the process delayed or stops. A cryptochorchidism condition is frequently detected just after the birth and will examine for undescended testicle treatment. Consult with doctors or andrologist for the treatment, if your kid has an undescended testicle. If the testicles are not placed into the scrotum at the proper time, your son will face many problems and the condition is not corrected after the proper time.


Diagnosis Of Undescended Testicle

If you face this condition, his specialist might recommend surgery for analysis and potential undescended testicle treatment:

The doctor will access the condition by examining the patient’s testicular condition and recommend some test for further analysis. There are many alternative methods, which are used to diagnose the condition and the doctor will tell you further treatment. Oper surgery is also recommended in some cases.

The goal of cryptochordisim treatment is to move an undescended testicle to its proper position in the scrotum. Treatment before one year of age might lower the risk of problems of an absent testicle. Earlier is better, but it’s suggested that surgery takes place before the child is 18 months old.


Undescended Testicle Treatment

Treatment for missing testicle is required when your kid is still a young baby and have a lower risk of complications such as testicular cancer and infertility later in life. In older boys, from infants to young boys who have descended testicular condition at birth may also appear as missing testicles later. This condition indicates the following things.

  • An ascending testicle, or acquired an undescended testicle, that has placed in the groin and can’t be simply guided by hand into the scrotum
  • A retractile testicle, which placed back and forth between the groin and the scrotum might be simply guided by hand into the scrotum during a physical assessment. This is not abnormal and is due to a muscle reflex action in the scrotum
  • If you notice any variations in your genitals or are worried about his development, live chat with our specialist.

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