Peyronies Treatment In Lahore – Symptoms Of Peyronies And Causes Of Peyronies

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Peyronies Treatment In Lahore – Symptoms Of Peyronies And Causes Of Peyronies

Peyronies disease is the enlargement of fibrous scar tissue inside the penis that causes painful and curved erections. Penises vary in size and shape, and having a curved erection is not necessarily a cause for concern. But Peyronies disease causes a substantial bend or pain in some men. This can stop you from having sex or might make it hard to get or maintain an erection. For many males, Peyronies disease also causes stress and anxiety. Peyronies disease occasionally goes away on its own. But in most cases, it will remain worsen and stable. Peyronies Treatment might be required if the curvature is severe enough that it stops successful sexual intercourse. Our international Urology Hospital in Lahore is providing services of best doctor in Lahore for penis peyronies treatment.

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Symptoms Of Peyronies

Peyronie’s disease signs and symptoms might appear unexpectedly or develop gradually. The most general signs and symptoms include:

Bent Penis

Your penis might be curved downward, upward, or bent to one side. In many cases, the erect penis might have indentations, narrowing, or an hourglass appearance, with a narrow, tight band around the shaft.

Penis Scar Tissue

The scar tissue associated with peyronie’s disease can be sensed under the skin of the penis as a flat band of hard tissue.

Penis Erection

Peyronie’s disease might cause problems maintaining or getting an erection.

Small Penis

Your penis might become smaller as a result of Peyronie’s disease.

Pain In Penis

You might have penile pain, with or without an erection.

Pain during erections typically improves within one to two years, but the curvature and scar tissue often remain. In some cases, both the curvature and pain connected with Peyronie’s disease improve without Peyronies treatment. We highly suggest to visit our urologist in Lahore for peyronies treatment.

Causes Of Peyronie’s Disease And Peyronies Treatment In Lahore

The cause of peyronie’s disease isn’t completely understood, but many factors appear to be involved. It’s thought peyronie’s disease normally results from repeated damage to the penis. For example, the penis might be injured during sex, physical activity or as the result of an accident. However, no specific trauma to the penis is recalled. During the healing process, scar tissue forms in a unsystematic manner, which might then lead to a nodule that you can feel the development of curvature and need Peyronies Treatment.

Every side of the penis contains a sponge-like tube which contains many tiny blood vessels. Each of the corpora cavernosa is encased in elastic tissue called the tunica albuginea, which stretches during an erection. When you become sexually excited, blood flow to these chambers increases. As the chambers fill with blood, the penis expands, stiffens and straightens into an erection.

In Peyronie’s disease, when the penis becomes straight, the region with the scar tissue does not stretch, and the penis becomes disfigured and possibly painful.

In some males, Peyronie’s disease comes on progressively and doesn’t seem to be related to any damage. Investigators are investigating whether Peyronie’s disease might be linked to a congenital trait or certain health conditions.

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Complications Of Peyronie’s Disease And Peyronies Treatment

Complications of Peyronie’s disease might include:

  • Difficulty achieving or maintaining an erection (erectile dysfunction)
  • Inability to have sexual intercourse
  • Stress on your relationship with your sexual partner
  • Anxiety or stress about sexual abilities or the appearance of your penis
  • Difficulty fathering a child, because intercourse is difficult or impossible

Penis Peyronies Treatment In Lahore

Your specialist might recommend a wait-and-see approach for Peyronies Treatment if:

  • You can still have erections and sex with no or mild pain
  • The curvature of your penis isn’t severe and is no longer worsening
  • You have good erectile function
  • If your symptoms are critical or are worsening over time, your specialist might recommend medication or surgery.

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