Penis Pain Treatment In Lahore – Painful Erection Of Penis – Pain In Penis

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Penis Pain Treatment In Lahore – Painful Erection Of Penis – Pain In Penis

Penis pain is a condition that causes steady pain in penis especially when erected. This is the point at which you cant erect or an erection may go on for four hours or more without sexual stimulation. Penis pain is uncommon, yet when it happens, it normally influences male in their 30. Low-stream or ischemic priapism happens when blood winds up noticeably stuck at the erection site. A broken artery or vein that anticipates appropriately taking part in blood flow in the penis causes high-stream or nonischemic priapism. This could because of damage. An erection keeps going longer than four hours is a therapeutic problem. The deficiency of oxygen in the blood in your penis can harm tissue in the penis. Untreated penis pain can bring about harm or pulverization of penile tissue and perpetual erectile dysfunction. We have the best andrologist in Lahore for penis pain treatment. He has more than 30 years of experience in the treatment of penis pain.

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Symptoms Of Penis Pain And Penis Pain Treatment

The symptoms of painful erection, vary depending on your experience high-flow or low-flow priapism. If you have low-flow priapism, you may experience:

  • Rigid penile shaft with a soft tip
  • Erections lasting for more than four hours
  • Pain in penis
  • No Erection

Low-flow or ischemic priapism can become a regular condition. When signs begin, spontaneous erections may only last for a few minutes. As time moves on, these erections issues occur more and last longer. If you suffer from high-flow priapism, you may have some of the similar symptoms as low-flow penis pain. The main difference is that the pain doesn’t occur with high-flow pain in penis.

Diagnosis Of Penis Pain And Penile Pain Treatment

Even though both types of priapism have similar symptoms, your doctor has to run diagnostic tests to regulate whether you have low-flow or high-flow priapism. The treatment options differ depending on the particular type of the condition. Occasionally, doctors can diagnose pain in the penis which is based on symptoms and a physical checkup of the genital area. Tests used to regulate the type of priapism may include:

Blood Tests For Penis Pain

Since painful erection can be initiated by blood disorders and other diseases, your doctor may also collect a blood sample to check your level of red cells and platelets. This can help your doctor analyze blood cancers, disorders and sickle cell anemia.

Blood Gas Measurement For Penis Pain Treatment

This process involves injecting a needle into your penis for the purpose to collect the blood sample. If the sample exposes that blood in the penis is deficient of oxygen, you suffer from low-flow priapism. But if the sample discloses a dark red blood, you have high-flow pain in penis.

Toxicology Test For Pain In Penis

Penile pain is also related to drug abuse. However, your doctor may collect a urine sample to isolate the drugs in your system.

Penis Pain Treatment In Lahore

Treatment of the penis pain depends on whether you have high-flow or low-flow priapism. If you have low-flow priapism, your doctor may use a syringe or needle to remove excess blood from your penis. This can reduce pain and stop involuntary erections. Another treatment system involves injecting medicine directly into your penis. The medicine will shrink the blood veins and vessels which carrying blood into your penis, and increase the blood vessels carrying blood out of your penis. Increased blood flow can also reduce an erection.

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