Penis Malformation Symptoms, Causes And Treatment

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Penis Malformation Symptoms, Causes, And Treatment

Penis Malformation Treatment : Penis malformations are inherited diseases, mostly caused by different factors of gene expression irregularities. Male genital malformations include some congenital malformations only affect fertility, such as simple vas deferens absence, and some malformations may also affect sexual function. Some deformities do not look severe as phimosis, but incorrect handling can also cause the thoughtful result. In the urology clinic or male infertility clinic, specialists often can see a small number of patients for malformation with all types of male infertility which can cause congenital malformations, while these congenital malformations, some hard to correct. But there are some patients, such as Timely recognition, you can do an early operation in children with early treatment. We are providing the best urologist in Lahore for penis malformation treatment.

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Basic Knowledge

  • Susceptible crowd: seen in men
  • Complications: vas deferens block epididymitis, both acute epididymitis, and chronic epididymis
  • Prevalence: 0.02%
  • Medicare disease: No
  • Infection: no infectious

Penis Malformation Treatment

  • Treatment cycle: 1 month
  • Treatment: Surgical treatment of supportive treatment
  • Departments: urology surgery
  • Cure rate: 40%

Parents do not ignore the male’s growth and development for suspicious observation, once the problem to be starting to take the child to the clinic for Genital Malformation Treatment. The disease is a congenital disease, caused by a diversity of factors due to abnormal gene expression, congenital factors are the most significant reasons of penis malformations, penis malformations are frequently occurred due to the following reasons:

Hormone synthesis defects (30%):

When the interstitial cell variation disorder or enzyme has genetic imperfections can lead to XY of the fetus renal tubular reproductive tract and external genital variation is not complete, resulting in male pseudohermaphroditism.

Chromosome abnormality (30%):

Y genetic variations or chromosome structural abnormalities, or other chromosomal abnormalities develop to gonadal dysgenesis.

Hormone insufficiency (20%):

The synthesis of testosterone normal is very low, but the role of androgen abnormalities is a key factor.

Prevention of male penis malformations

Penis malformations Difficulties such as vas deferens, clogging, acute epididymitis, chronic epididymis. The disease combined with vas deferens, epididymal missing.

Symptoms Of Penis Malformation Treatment

Penis malformations Symptoms includes mutual symptoms of Cysts Testicular atrophy and Penis abnormal Penis-like urethra. First, testicular malformations include:

  • single testis
  • testicular due to hyperplasia, such as testicular teratoma
  • congenital atrophy, abnormal position
  • testicular due to hypoplasia and less than normal, many non-isolated symptoms.
  • multiple testes, pointing to 3 or more testes, abnormal size
  • no testicular disease, rare, the disease combined with vas deferens, epididymal missing
  • ectopic testes.
  • Cryptorchidism
  • testicular fusion, refers to the testis in the intraperitoneal or scrotal fusion within one, easy to be mistaken for cryptorchidism or single testis, combined with renal deformity

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