Micro Penis Treatment In Lahore – How To Enlarge Tiny Penis, Small Penis

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Micro Penis Treatment In Lahore – How To Enlarge Tiny Penis, Small Penis

Micro penis is an uncommonly small penis. Several men stress over the measure of their penis. However, very few understand that there is an open therapeutic condition where the extent of the penis is referred to as a Micro penis. Micro penis indicates to any penis which, when extended, is underneath 2.5 standard deviations estimate for the age of the patient. In grown-ups, the condition indicates to any penis smaller than 7cm (2.8 inches) long. Our Chinese hospital is based in Lahore, we are working with famous andrologist in Lahore. Dr Peng Yun Xiang is specialized in treating penis disorders. We highly suggest visiting him for micro penis treatment without surgery.

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Causes Of Micro Penis – Micro Penis Treatment

Micro penis may be caused by many reasons given below:

  • Testicular disorder
  • Growth hormone deficiency
  • Abnormal Pituitary or hypothalami function
  • Structural anomaly
  • Genetic syndrome

Micro penis is a curative analysis in view of right estimation of length. Extended penile length is underneath the esteem comparing to – 2.5 standard deviation of the mean in a patient with typical inner and outer male genitalia, an analysis of micro penis is considered. Micro penis can be caused by an assortment of variables including auxiliary or hormonal deformities of the hypothalami-pituitary-gonadal pivot. It can likewise be a part of various intrinsic disorders. For the etiological assessment, endocrinology tests are vital. We highly recommend visiting Dr Peng Yun Xiang for micro penis treatment.


Micro Penis Treatment In Lahore

There are many micro penis treatment to increase penis size up to the ideal standard. Herbal medication, surgical treatment or hormonal replacement therapy are being used to increase the length. Dr Peng Yun Xiang prefer penis enlargement with traditional herbal medication due to fast and permanent results without any side effects.

Hormonal Replacement Therapy For Micro Penis Treatment

If the micro penis is analyzed as being caused by a testosterone insufficiency, testosterone substitution micro penis treatment is for the most cases exceedingly viable in treating micro penis. This hormone treatment for the most part comprises of intramuscular infusions. The principle element of these infusions is testosterone. Contingent upon the outcomes, the treatment might be proceeded. As a rule the treatment initiates some penile development, which consequently may stimulate extra penis development. Commonly, the treatment brings about a typically measured penis. Then again, in some cases there is no or little change. In situations when a patient is inert to hormonal treatment for micro penis treatment, surgery remains a final resort treatment for grown-ups.

Surgery For Micro Penis Treatment

Penis enlargement surgery utilizes an embed keeping in mind the end goal to sufficiently improve the length and size of the penis. You will be referred to a urology specialist in the event that you require surgical micropenis treatment for this situation. Since hormone micro penis treatment develop normal size in only 30% cases, a few surgical strategies like phalloplasty for penis enlargement have been conceived and performed, yet they are not for the most part viewed as sufficiently fertile to be broadly received and are once in a while performed in youth. In extraordinary instances of micro penis, there is hardly any limit, and the glans seems to sit practically on the pubic skin.

Herbal Medication

Herbal medication is most preferable treatment for small penis. TCM are world known for their fast and permanent results without any side effect. These medications are prescribed by Dr Peng Yun Xiang after checkup and consultation. >>>LIVE CHAT>>> with us for more information and APPOINTMENT or you can call us @ 0336-0158888


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