Hydrocele Treatment In Lahore – Swelling And Fluid In Testicles

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Hydrocele Treatment In Lahore – Swelling And Fluid In Testicles

Hydrocele Treatment in Lahore : A hydrocele is a sac filled with fluid which forms around a testicle. Hydroceles are very common in babies. Nearly 10% of males are born with a hydrocele problem. However, they can affect men of any age. Hydroceles usually don’t pose any threat to the testicles. They’re typically painless and disappear without any treatment. However, if you have scrotal swelling, check your doctor to assess other causes for hydrocele treatment that are more harmful such as testicular cancer. We have the best urologist in Lahore who provide hydrocele treatment in Zaib Hospital Lahore.

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Causes Of Hydrocele

Towards the end of pregnancy, a male child’s testicles descend from his abdomen into the scrotum. The scrotum is the sac of skin that holds the testicles once they descend. During development, each testicle has a naturally occurring sac around it which contains fluid. Normally, this sac closes itself and the body absorbs the water and other minerals inside during the baby’s first year. However, this doesn’t happen to babies with a hydrocele. Babies born prematurely are at a higher risk for hydrocele and need special attention for hydrocele treatment.

Hydroceles can also form later in life, mostly in males having an age greater than 40. This usually happens if the network through which the testicles extends had not locked all the way and fluid now enters, or the channel reopens. This can cause fluid to travel from the abdomen into the scrotum. Hydroceles can also be caused due to inflammation or injury in the scrotum or along the whole channel. The inflammation may be caused by an infection named as epididymitis or another condition.



The two main types of hydroceles that are non-communicating and communicating.

Non-communicating hydrocele

A non-communicating hydrocele occurs when the sac closed, but your body doesn’t absorb the fluid. The remaining fluid is typically absorbed into the body within a year.

Communicating hydrocele

A communicating hydrocele develops when the sac surrounds the area of your testicle and doesn’t close all the way. This allows fluid to flow out and in.

Hydrocele Treatment In Lahore

If your new baby has a hydrocele, it will probably go away on its own in about a year. If your child’s hydrocele does not go away on its own or becomes very serious, he requires surgery by a urologist. In adults, hydroceles disorder typically goes away within six months. A hydrocele treatment usually only needs surgery if it causes embarrassment or if it is a communicating hydrocele, which can develop hernias.


Surgery For Hydrocele Treatment

Surgery is recommended to remove a hydrocele with anesthesia. In many cases, you will be able to go home in a few hours of the surgery. A small cut is made in the scrotum or abdomen and the hydrocele is surgically removed. Your doctor will most likely apply a large dressing to the site of your incision. Depending on the size and location, you may also need a drainage tube for some days. Risks associated with hydrocele treatment include:

  • Breathing difficulties
  • Heart rhythm disturbances
  • Allergic reactions

Risks associated with the surgery include:

  • Scrotal injury, including nerve damage
  • Infection
  • Blood clots or excessive bleeding

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