Frenulum Breve Treatment In Lahore – Curved And Painful Erection Due To Foreskin

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Frenulum Breve Treatment In Lahore – Curved And Painful Erection Due To Foreskin

Frenulum breve, or frenulum, is a condition in which the frenulum of the penis, which is a flexible band of tissue under the penis that interfaces with the prepuce and helps contract it over the skin, is too short and subsequently margins the development of the prepuce. The frenulum ought to typically be adequately long to take into consideration the full removal of the prepuce so it lies easily back on the pole of the erect penis. The penile frenulum is practically identical to the tongue’s frenulum between the tongue’s lower surface and the lower jaw, or the frenulum between the upper lip and the outside of the upper secretion. However, frenulum breve treatment is required. We highly suggest visiting our urologist in Lahore for penis treatment.

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Sign And Symptoms –¬†Frenulum Breve Treatment

Frenulum breve might be complicated by tearing of the frenulum amid sexual or other action and is a reason for dyspareunia. It might develop mistaken marking of the victim as having psychosexual problems. The uncertain frenulum may bring about recovering with scar tissue that is less adaptable after the additional troubles. In any case, this tearing can likewise developing issues, recovering to such an extent that the frenulum is longer. The frenulum breve treatment is quite often mistaken for that of phimosis, since the expression is difficult to diagnose. Most males with phimosis additionally have frenulum breve to a specific degree. We highly suggest visiting us for frenulum breve treatment.


Sign and symptoms of Frenulum breve are specific for:

It is accounted that frenulum breve is  the second most regular sign for which male patients decide on circumcision.


Circumcision is a minor surgical treatment that enables specialists to remove extra skin from the tip of penis. Different research and clinical investigations shows that circumcision helps in lessening the danger of cutting and desirable ailments by enhancing general physical and genital conditions. Considerable measure of men have their worries against going under the blade, particularly with their most valuable tissue. It is basic to specify that uncircumcised men regularly oppose a wide variety of issues, for example, the expanded danger of growing sexually transmitted diseases and inflammation of skin because of poor genital cleanliness. We recommend visiting us for frenulum breve treatment.


Frenulum Breve Treatment

The condition might be treated with surgery for frenulum breve treatment. There are a few different surgeries to treat this condition. Threading a suture through the lower layer, and afterward tying a tight group around the frenulum itself is a system that limits intrusive activity. Different methodology include the cutting of the skin and require the utilization of sutures to help in the recovering procedure. Extending activities and steroid creams may likewise be useful. On the other hand, it might be dealt with by a reparative plastic surgery operation called a frenuloplasty, or by entire circumcision including resection of the frenulum.

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