Bent Penis Treatment In Lahore – Penis Malformation Treatment

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Bent Penis Treatment In Lahore – Penis Malformation And Curved Penis Treatment

Peyronie’s disease is a form of erectile dysfunction which causes a bent penis and makes an erection relatively painful. The condition may progress after a sudden trauma to the penis, such as hitting or bending. This can cause subsequent scar tissue build up and bleeding. This scar tissue can generally be felt by the skin. Plaque generally develops on the upper side of the penis, but may also develop on the bottom or another side. Our best andrologist in Lahore is providing the best treatment for bent penis. He has more than 30 years of experience in treating a curved penis.

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Erectile dysfunction is a disorder in which a male has exertion in maintaining or getting an erection. It can cause difficulties in the bedroom for the male of all ages. One infrequent form of erectile dysfunction named as Peyronie’s disease results in a bent penis that can make an erection painful. However, a curved or bent penis doesn’t always indicate a difficulty, male who has a bent penis may have trouble having sex. This often causes nervousness and discomfort.

Causes Of Bent Penis

The cause of Peyronie’s disease is mainly unknown. Nevertheless, the research recommends that the condition may progress after trauma to the penis. While the injury may be the cause of the condition in certain cases, the National Kidney and Urologic Diseases Clearinghouse (NKUDC) records that often the condition ascends without a traumatic event.

Risk Factors Of Bent Penis

Age and genetics may seem to play a key role in a bent penis. Tissue changes lead to easier wound and slower curing as a male going to older. This puts them at a larger risk for increasing the condition. Male with a connective tissue disorder regarded as Dupuytren’s contracture who have a higher chance of developing a bent penis. Dupuytren’s contracture is a coagulating blood in the hand that makes your fingers pull inward.

Symptoms Of Bent Penis

The basic symptom of Peyronie’s disease is the development of flat scar tissue named as plaque. This scar tissue can normally be felt through the skin. Occasionally plaque goes all the way around the penis, initiating a “Bottleneck” or “waisting” deformity. Plaque may gather calcium mineral and become very firm. Scar tissue may cause painful severe or soft curvature. Scar tissue on an assured part of the penis reduces elasticity in that area. Plaque on the tip of the penis may cause it to curve upward during an erection. Plaque on the side may cause a curvature toward that side. More than two plaques can cause complex curvatures. The curvature may make sexual permeation more difficult. Scar tissue may cause shortening or shrinkage of the penis.

Treatment For Bent Penis

There is an appropriate treatment for curved penis in our Chinese hospital in Lahore. It may be appealing to request medication right away, many doctors choose the watchful waiting approach if your indications aren’t severe. We highly suggest visiting our hospital for penis treatment.

Medication For Bent Penis

Your doctor may suggest many medications, often drugs inoculated into the penis, or even surgery if you are suffering from more pain over time. Only one medicine, Clostridium hystolyticum (Xiaflex), is accepted by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) to cure the condition. It is approved for use in men those penis bend more than 30 degrees during erection. The treatment involves a series of penile injections that break down the build-up of collagen.

Two other types of medications that may be prescribed are:

  • Interferon injections
  • Oral verapamil

We highly suggest visiting our Chinese hospital in Lahore for penis treatment. We have Chinese andrologist and urologist for penile treatment. Kindly call us on this number 03064112299 for more details and appointment. Or live chat with our health experts on live chat here: Live Chat


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