Treatment For Male Infertility In Lahore – Causes Of Male Infertility

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Treatment For Male Infertility In Lahore – Causes Of Male Infertility

Treatment For Male Infertility : Infertility affects about 1 out of every 6 couples. An infertility analysis is given to a couple who are unable to conceive over the course of 1 year. When the problem lies with the male partner it is mentioned as male infertility. Male infertility factors contribute to about 30% of all infertility cases, and male infertility alone accounts for approximately 1/5th of all infertility cases. Our infertility specialists have more than 30 years of experience in male infertility. He treats male infertility with pure herbal medication without any side effects.

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There are four key causes of infertility in males:

  • A hypothalamic or pituitary disorder (1-2%)
  • Sperm transport disorder (10-20%)
  • Gonad disorder (30-40%)
  • Unknown causes (40-50%)

Many investigations remain to be performed on the issue of male infertility, as many cases still receive an unknown cause diagnosis. Male infertility usually occurs because of sperm that is abnormal, because of insufficient numbers of sperm, or problems with ejaculation. Treatment for male infertility is necessary in these cases. Sperm can be considered abnormally for two possible reasons: unusually short lifespan of the sperm and/or low mobility. Sperm abnormalities may be caused by one or more of the following:


Causes Of Low Sperms

  • Severe mumps infection after puberty
  • Exposure to poisonous chemicals
  • A pre-existing genetic condition
  • Hernia repairs
  • Use of alcohol, tobacco or other drugs
  • Hormone disorder
  • Injury to the groin area
  • Exposure to radiation
  • Wearing restrictive or tight underwear
  • The blockage caused by a previous infection
  • Male infertility can also occur when there are problems with ejaculation


Ejaculation problems may include the following reasons:


Male Infertility Diagnosis

The Potential treatment for male infertility will be evaluated as part of a thorough physical examination. The analysis will include a medical history regarding potential causative factors. Your specialist may use one or more of the following tests to assess fertility:

  • Making a culture of fluid from the penis to check for infections
  • Semen analysis to determine the number and quality of sperm
  • Physical examination of the penis, scrotum, and prostate
  • Semen analysis is the most important part of male fertility analysis. Some males find it more comfortable to do semen analysis in the privacy of their own homes. In-home testing kits are also available
  • Blood test to check for infections or hormone complications. Hormone levels are just as important in male fertility as they are in woman fertility


Treatment For Male Infertility In Lahore

Male infertility is treated by conventional methods that include one or more of the following:

  • Taking hormones to recover hormone imbalance
  • Taking medicines to help increase sperm production
  • Wearing looser underwear such as boxer shorts
  • Taking antibiotics to heal an infection
  • Avoiding taking long hot showers, using saunas or hot tubs

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