How To Treat Cystitis In Lahore – Symptoms, Causes And Treatment Of Cystitis

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How To Treat Cystitis In Lahore – Treatment For Cystitis In Lahore

Bacterial infection in urethra, bladder or in both can cause cystitis. Its a urinary tract infection. Normally growing bacteria in body or external bacteria attack can enter into bladder or urethra which cause infection and lead to cystitis. This infection causes inflammation, pain and irritation. Both male and female of all the ages are on the risk of cystitis. A study shows that almost 80 percent cases of urinary tract infections could be due to that bowel which reaches urinary tract. This condition is curable. Our hospital in Lahore is among the best hospitals and provide top renowned Chinese urologist in Lahore who are fully skilled. Our doctors know very well how to treat cystitis in Lahore.


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Symptoms And How To Treat Cystitis In Lahore

  • Presence of blood in urine
  • Cloudy or dark urine
  • Smelly urine
  • Pain in abdomen and back
  • Burning while urinating
  • Need to urine again and again
  • Inability to empty bladder
  • Vomiting and weakness

Who Is On Rest – How To Treat Cystitis In Lahore

Using urinary catheter can allow bacteria to enter in urethra. If you do not empty your bladder it can allow bacteria to multiply specially if you have enlarged prostate. Unprotected sexual intercourse can also lead to cystitis. Any kind of blockage in urinary tract which can affect urine flow. Patients who have kidney or urinary tract disorders are also on risk of getting cystitis. Frequent sexual intercourse can weaken body and can lead to cystitis this condition is called as honeymoon cystitis.

How To Diagnose Cystitis – How To Treat Cystitis In Lahore

Doctor can ask several questions and can suggest urine test.

How To Treat Cystitis In Lahore

Our Chinese Hospital is among the top Hospitals in Lahore. We have top renowned andrologists and urologists in Lahore. Our urologist who treat cystitis has 30 year of experience in treating cystitis. We use traditional Chinese herbal antibiotic medicines for treating cystitis. Most cases of cystitis are curable with the help of our herbal antibiotics and we have latest technologies for other cases.

You can visit our hospital by booking your appointment online here : Book Appointment With Doctor or you can use our live support service. Live chat with our health experts here: Live Chat or call us on this number 0336-0158888

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