Chinese Infertility Specialist In Lahore – Chinese Fertility Specialist

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Chinese Infertility Specialist In Lahore – Chinese Fertility Specialist

Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) approaches infertility from a different perspective than western medicine. These medicines view infertility as an imbalance, rather than a disease. Our senior infertility specialist believes that the reproductive system is not an isolated organ. Thus, if the body as a whole is healthy, the reproductive system will function as it was meant to and will naturally deliver and carry a healthy baby. The possible causes of infertility for both females and males have different names in TCM language, such as called differentiation based on the signs and symptoms. We are providing services of male and female infertility specialists in Lahore for fertility treatment.

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Common Symptoms And Causes Of Infertility

  • Sperm disorders
  • Ovarian disorders
  • Blood deficiency
  • Qi stagnation
  • Kidney deficiency ( low libido, sexual dysfunctions, and low energy )
  • Blood and phlegm stagnation
  • Deficient heat from lack of body substances such as blood, body fluid or essence


When treating infertility, infertility specialist uses different strategies according to the particular symptoms and causes that are evident. Chinese herbal medicine work to clear the blockage of Qi or blood and phlegm stagnation if there is any, replenish any underlying deficiencies, and focus on relaxation. which is an important component in infertility treatment. For women, menstrual regulation is also very important. The fundamental goal of infertility specialist is to promote the health of the body as a whole, which in turn permits natural conception and healthy delivery.


Recently, many infertility specialists have acknowledged the effectiveness of Chinese medicines in treating infertility, and regularly recommend it to their patients. As a 2000-year-old practice, TCM’s effectiveness has also been recognized by The World Health Organization in the treatment of over 40 common disorders, including depression, insomnia, migraines, asthma, infertility, anxiety, and allergies.

Chinese Infertility Specialist In Lahore

Our Chinese hospital is a nationally recognized, state of the art infertility clinic with infertility specialist who works closely with patients from around the world. For over 5 years we have provided unprecedented care and personalized treatment plans, and we have enjoyed creating dreams for those who dream of becoming parents. Because our practice is not affiliated with a larger institution, we are able to work heartily in order to acquire the best technology and the most advanced medical infertility treatment options available. This independence also allows us to design creative financing plans which give more patients access to the fertility treatments they need.

Our Chinese infertility specialist has vast experience and they are providing fertility treatment with the help of traditional Chinese herbal medications. These herbals are known for their fast results and no side effects. We highly suggest visiting our infertility specialist. You can >>>LIVE CHAT>>> with us for more information and APPOINTMENT or you can call us @ 03064112299