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Andrologist in Lahore – Urologist In Lahore – Sexologist in Lahore

Zhongba Hospital in Lahore have different fields and providing the best services. Its Andrology department is providing best and experienced Chinese andrologist in Lahore to treat your sexual problems with traditional Chinese herbal medicines. We have latest ISO certified technologies and equipment. Our Urologist in Lahore have specializes in treating Sexual Dysfunction, Infertility treatment, Penis disorders and penis enlargement, Low sperm count and sperm disorders, Cystitis treatment, Epididymitis treatment, Bacterial Orchitis disease, Venereal Diseases, Sexually transmitted diseases and infections, Prostate enlargement and prostate diseases, Urethritis Diseases, Urinary tract infection, etc. Doctor Peng YunXiang and Doctor Ruijun Liu are renowned Chinese doctors and they are providing their services in our hospital, they have best skills to perform any urological and andrological surgeries with latest equipment. Anrdology department of our Chinese hospital in Lahore is best in treating Testicle Pain, Azoospermia, Necrozospermia, Oligospermia, Balanitis, Carcinoma of the penis, Cryptorchidism, Epididymitis, Epispadias, Erectile dysfunction, Frenulum breve, Hydrocele, Hypospadias, Infertility, Micropenis, Mardana Kamzori Ka Ilaj, Orchitis, Paraphimosis, Penile fracture, Peyronie’s disease, Phimosis, Post-vasectomy pain syndrome, Priapism, Prostate, Prostatitis, Retrograde ejaculation, Seminal vesiculitis, Spermatocele, Testicular cancer, Testicular torsion, Varicocele and many more. Moreover, our andrologists follow the laboratory SOPs and OSHA guidelines which includes the universal precautions for blood borne pathogens. They follow proper processing and handling procedures for the semen analysis, intrauterine analysis and insemination analysis. They ensure the labeling vials and tubes for the identification of patient’s information. We highly suggest to visit our hospital in Lahore. If you feel any kind of sexual health issue, You can consult our Urologist in Lahore for queries at live chat support here: Live Chat With Doctor or call us @ 0336-0158888

Andrologist In Lahore

Our Chinese andrologist in Lahore is among the top Chinese andrologists with vast experience and latest technology.

Urologist In Lahore

Our Chinese Hospital in Lahore is providing Chinese urologist in Lahore, They are equipped with latest equipment.

Infertility Clinic In Lahore

Our infertility clinic in Lahore is providing best infertility treatment in Lahore. We have male and female fertility doctors.

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top doctors in lahore best andrologists in lahore and best urologists in lahore

Urologist in LahoreZhongba Hospital In Lahore

  • Our urologist in Lahore uses Chinese herbal medicines for best treatment without side effects
  • Specialized services are provided in andrology department of our Chinese hospital in Lahore
  • We treat many diseases like piles with 100% money back guarantee
  • Our staff is trained to communicate and facilitate patients
  • We build a strong relation with our satisfied patients
  • We have Chinese doctors who are highly qualified
  • We provide online support for our patients
  • All records of patient is kept secret
  • Our staff is caring and supportive

How Our Urologist In Lahore Treat Sexual Health Disorders

Sexual dysfunction treatment in lahore from andrologist in lahore zhongba hospital

Sexual Dysfunction

In most cases our urologists treat sexual dysfunction with the help of traditional Chinese herbal medicines.

Penis Treatment in lahore by our andrologist in lahore at our hospital in lahore penis enlargement

Penis Treatment

Depending on condition of patients our specialist doctors provide Chinese medicine or they suggest surgery if needed.

Sperm Treatment from andrologist in lahore less sperms low sperms count no sperm treatment

Sperm Treatment

In most cases traditional Chinese medicine cure perfectly but for some cases we use latest technology for surgery.

Prostate Disease treatment in lahore by our andrologist in lahore at our hospital in lahore

Prostate Treatment

Most patients get cured with our traditional herbal medicine without surgery, These medicines have no side effect.

Urinary Track Diseases treatment in lahore from andrology department in lahore

Urinary Track Diseases

Some of these urinary track disorders get cured with herbal medicines but in some cases doctors suggest surgery.

Orchitis Diseases treatment in lahore by andrologist in lahore hospital in lahore pain in testies treatment

Orchitis Treatment

Most of the patients get cured with traditional herbal medicine from Orchitis diseases, these medicines show fast results.

Urethritis Disease treatment in lahore by our andrologist in lahore at andrology department of zhongba hospital

Urethritis Treatment

Male urethritis infections can be easily cured with our Chinese herbal medication without risk of any other side effects.

STDs sexually transmitted diseases treatmentVenereal Diseases treatment in lahore by our andrologist in lahore at zhongba hospital in lahore

Sexually Transmitted Infections

Our traditional medication is best for venereal diseases and we have latest technology for surgery.

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